ErgoMot X Screen

Elektrisk justerbar vindskjerm. Uknuselig og motstandsdyktig mot riper.

Vi er nå eksklusiv forhandler/distributør for ErgoMot X Screen i Norge.

The ErgoMot X Screen,
a Revolution, a Revelation ...
Looks like stock, adjustable while driving, stroke 4 inch (10 cm).

What you get with this X-Screen :

- Comfort : find that 'no turbulence point' for both rider and passenger !

- Safety : unbreakable windscreen !

- Economy : thanks to unbreakable and scratch resistant material, this will be the last windscreen you ever buy for your Wing !

The ErgoMot X Screen

Completely BUILT-IN, no guides, no engines at the outside, the only difference with an standard GL1800 is the "One Finger Command Button" at the left side of the handle bar, allowing to set the screen up and down, but also allowing the recall (or set) of the 2 memory positions.

Infinitely Electronically Adjustable Windshield
For Honda Goldwing GL1800

Belgian design, made in Europe! 2 years warranty

Tested in wind and rain, cold, hot, slow and fast !

Exists in "Normal" , "High" and "Short" size, depending on your body.

Normal is OK when you can easily look "over" the original screen, Short for those who always have to look "through" the original screen, even when it is in lowest position. Of course, for the very tall drivers, the "High" version comes 5 cm (2 inches) above the standard OEM Honda stock screen.



The "Deluxe" version :

Superior high quality electronically adjustable Windscreen !

The "One Finger Command Stick" at the handle bar allows you to raise or lower the windscreen while driving over 4 inches ( = 10 centmeters). Very handy memory functions let you program 2 different positions. Later on, while driving, you can reposition your screen to the memory position by one short hit at the Command Stick. Our electronics will do the rest.

The "GL" version :

Our latest development, state of the art electronics, IP69 protected.

Same superior high quality electronically adjustable Windscreen as the DeLuxe version, but with a much smaller and more esthetic "Thumbstick" instead of the larger Command Stick !

The "Standard" version :

The cheaper version ...

The same high quality screen, the same maintanance free mechanics, the same motors, the same speed, the same stroke ( 4 inches = 10 centimeters ) , BUT WITHOUT MEMORY, without Command Stick. The Standard version is controlled, while driving, by a regular "up/down" switch, which can be installed in different places.